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  • Not your typical hot sauce, but it will become your everyday hot sauce! A unique Caribbean / Tex-Mex hybrid made with flavorful habanero peppers and roasted tomatoes. Great as an all around hot sauce sauce or marinade. “Dump on Everything,” the Secret Aardvark compels you! 

    • $9.99

  • Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce combines Serrano and habanero chili with tomatillos, green tomatoes and spices to get the mythical flavor of Serrabanero. 

    • $9.99

  • Our trio of two Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauces and one Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce. Its hot, but won't melt your face off! Makes a great gift, or an easy way to try our awesome products in one bundle.

    2 x Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

    1 x Secret Aardvark Serrabanero Green Hot Sauce


    • $19.99