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  • A unique combination of Washington Cherries with Bhut Jolokia peppers creating a super hot sweet glaze perfect for grilling or use as a jelly over cream cheese for an easy appetizer.

    • $4.99
  • The second entry in the Crimson line has raised the ante. When a normal sauce isn't doing the job, it's time to reach for the "Special Reserve". Bravado took their normal Crimson Hot sauce and kicked it right in the chili peppers. By getting rid of the red jalapenos and replacing them with Scorpion peppers, you keep the deep rich red color and blow the heat level through the roof. A fiery, garlicky blend of Scorpion and Arbol Chilis, this is the ultra hot sauce you’ve been waiting for. Go big or go home. 

    • $9.99
  • Extreme Karma Sauce
    • 18% off

    This is a flavor feast inspired by the East. Based on traditional style sauces from India, Extreme Karma will set your taste buds ablaze. This sauce received 1st Place for Best in Heat in the Hudson Valley! 

    The original squashed-based Karma recipe enhanced with 100% super hot peppers (Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion,and Moruga). Ramp up the heat and flavor in your next Indian or Thai curry recipe! 

    • $8.99

  • Foo Foo Mama Choo is an assortment of spices combined with the secrets of the Far West to the valleys of the South East. You will enjoy the savory sweet taste of the roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic complimented by a snap of fresh ginger. 

    BAM! Your body, mind and soul are engulfed by scorching heat and the floral taste of the hottest pepper in the world, The Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper. Mystery Solved. 

    • $10.99

  • Rogue is all natural and all attitude. The unprincipled blend of the hottest peppers in the world, the unique flavor combinations of the Blood Orange, Apples and Pears makes this sauce highly appreciated by extreme heat and flavor aficionados. Refreshing heat with a subtle hint of sweetness, Rogue captures all those exotic blends that you’ve been craving in a gourmet sauce. 

    • $9.99

  • Hot Charlie's has added a level of heat to make you sweat. Intensely fired with the addition of ghost peppers giving the Ghost Pepper Sauce its own unique blend of flavors. 

    Where the original recipe sneaks up on you, you won’t see the Ghost Pepper Sauce coming until you’ve broken a sweat. Crafted for the most discriminating hot sauce enthusiasts. Packed with flavor, punched with heat. 

    • $13.49
  • Mr. B's Reaper's Revenge Hot Sauce
    • 13% off

    Canadian whiskey-soaked pecan wood adds a smooth smoky flavor to this extreme hot sauce. Combination of Carolina Reapers, ginger, garlic, onion, local honey with the smoky aromatic is very deceiving to this intense heat. 

    • $12.99
  • Pain is Good Batch #114 Jamaican Hot Sauce
    • 57% off

    The Baja version of the popular Pain is Good sauces. In the jungles of Jamaica, far from the soft, white beaches and luxury resorts, there is a small shack with a small garden. In the garden, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero Peppers are grown. In the shack, Jerk Sauce is made with them. In the mouths of those who eat it, a strange voodoo begins to take hold, consuming the body, mind, and soul in a fiery, hypnotic euphoria. In this bottle is that sauce. In this world there is not sensation quite like it. 

    • $2.99
  • Painapple Hot Sauce by PexPeppers
    • New!


    PexPeppers Painapple is a fiery blend of fresh pineapples and Carolina Reapers, this sauce packs serious heat along with an awesome pineapple flavor! Please use this hot sauce with respect as it is incredibly spicy.

    Great for pizza, tacos, pork chops, ice cream, and so much more.

    • $13.99
  • Third Degree Acute Burn 1M Scoville Extract Artifact
    • 46% off

    The Acute Burn Artifact contains pure 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract (1,000,000 Scoville units). Each bottle is handcrafted in small batches and delivered to you in a deadly looking Glass Skull bottle. The Artifact Glass Skull bottle is then hand dipped and sealed in a RED Artisan Style Wax, no two bottles are alike!

    • $12.99
  • Mr. B's Ghost Salsa
    • 29% less

    Super hot salsa, made with Ghost peppers.  Ghost Salsa utilizes the Ghost pepper to create a perfect balance of heat and flavor. Just a bit less hot than "Screamin' Salsa" this one will keep you dippin' chips through the pain. 

    • $4.99
  • Mr. B's Screamin Salsa
    • 29% less

    Screamin' Extra Hot utilizes Roasted Habanero Peppers, fresh vegetables and ginger. This salsa will make you sweat!  

    • $4.99
  • Mr. B's White Lightning Salsa
    • 29% less

    There truly is no other way to describe this salsa other than "Wowsa!'  This spicy salsa really is a special treat.  White Lightning is a unique combination of two very spicy peppers: the Trinidad scorpion pepper and the Bhut Jolokia pepper (a.k.a. ghost pepper).  By combining these two peppers you get a magnificent salsa that will set your face on fire in the best and most enjoyable of ways.

    • $4.99
  • Bravado Spice Co. does it again. This is a thick, rich flavor bomb that packs tons of heat on top of incredible flavor. It's loads of heat with a little sweet. Bravado combines the world's hottest pepper, black garlic and a hint of sweet maple, this hot sauce will shake you to your core. This sauce is good enough to go on any dish. Pour a nice measure on top of a steak and "Brace yourself!"

    • $11.99
  • The Toe Of Satan by Flamethrower Candy Co.
    • 22% less


    Take The Toe of Satan 5 minute challenge!

    Weighing in at an insane 9 million Scoville Heat Units, this candy may just be the hottest thing we've ever tried. This candy will test your strength, and your sanity.

    • $6.99
  • Exhorresco by Burns & McCoy
    • 33% off

    Exhorresco - The 7-pot Primo, considered one of the hottest peppers in the world, is combined with the perfect blend of spices, agave, oak aged apple cider vinegar and lemon, to satisfy those seeking not only extreme heat, but also exceptional flavor. Use liberally on any food you would desire to add this amazing flavored hot sauce. The sky is the limit!

    • $7.99
  • Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce by Original Juan
    • 44% off

    We started with hot Habanero peppers and blended them with smoky Chipotle peppers and natural pepper extract to create a sauce that was lab-tested at 135,600 Scoville Units. Wicked beyond belief!

    As featured on "The Hot Ones".

    • $4.99
  • Adoboloco KoloheKid Hot Sauce
    • 31% off

    KOLOHE (CO-LOW-HEY), is a Hawaiian word that means naughty; mischievous. In other words, it's that sauce your mom always warned you about. Just like the friend your parents hate, this kid may get you in trouble. This is a bold Hawaiian recipe with enough flavor to satisfy the most discriminating taste buds.  

    KOLOHEKID – KoloheKid is made with Ghost Peppers and cut with Hawaiian Chili Peppers. Great when used as a marinade with chicken and pork. Drizzle on a sandwich to liven up that lunch meat. 

    • $8.99
  • Culley's Firewater Hot Sauce
    • 11% off

    From the other side of the planet comes a sauce to die for. Containing both intense heat and spectacular flavor, this Firewater scorches both taste buds and flavor palettes alike. In the world of hot sauce Culley's has unleashed a beast. Using all New Zealand grown peppers and all natural ingredients, Culley's Firewater is something special. This is definitely for experienced hot sauce lovers only.

    • $16.99
  • Hellfire Fear This! Reaper Hot Sauce
    • 12% off

    This amazing multi award winning Reaper sauce features the fresh and all natural flavor of the new hottest pepper in the world! 

    Even hotter than the Ghost or Scorpion peppers! Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper is the new reigning champion averaging a blistering 1.58 million scoville units of heat with peaks at 2.2 million!!!!

    • $14.99
  • Hot Charlie's Hot Sauce, Seasoning, & Popcorn Collection (5 Pack)
    • Expected on Jan 1, 2020

    All four FIVE of Hot Charlie's amazing products! 

    Original Hot Charlie's Hot Sauce traditional hot sauce re-imagined, a medium heat level sauce with garlic! 

    Hot Charlie's Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce for when you're looking for something to make you sweat. 

    Hot Charlie's famous Hot Sauce Dust a powder style seasoning that is delicious on everything from popcorn to steak.

    Hot Charlie's Hot Cheddar Popcorn, popped using coconut oil and all natural ingredients. Charlie's popcorn is a low medium heat making it enjoyable for everyone to snack on. 

    Hot Charlie's NEW Hotter Hot Sauce Dust, like the the original Hot Sauce Dust only...HOTTER!

    • $46.95
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama Hot Sauce - Limited Edition
    • 44% off

    Officially Licensed Hellboy 2019 Movie Hot Sauce. This is the stuff Demons are raised on!

    A Hellish Blend of  Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion 7-Pot Primo,Red Habanero,Orange Habanero Red Jalapeno and Cayenne Peppers

    This is sure to satisfy your inner Demon.

    • $8.99
  • Hellboy Legendary AF Hot Sauce by Hellfire Hot Sauce
    • 11% off

    Officially Licensed Hellboy 2019 Movie Hot Sauce!

    Legendary AF And All Natural! Wake up the Devil in you with this amazing blend of Superhot Peppers including the Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion  Red Habanero and 7-Pot Primo Peppers.
    A Little Taste of Hell

    Extremely Hot, Use with caution

    • $15.99
  • Hellboy Extreme Hot Sauce - Limited Edition
    • 11% off

    "EXTREME"  Mess with the Devil and you will get the horns!

    This sauce will wake up the Demons inside you. This is the HOTTEST non-extract sauce in the world! Contains 85% straight up pepper mash!

    Extremely Hot Use with caution!

    • $16.99

  • By combining gourmet dark cherries, wildflower honey, and the almighty Carolina reaper pepper Pex Peppers has created a sauce that has just the slightest touch of sweetness to it that also pack incredible heat.  

    Does it set your world on fire?  Yes, absolutely.  Does it have the sweetness of dark cherries and wildflower?  Yes, absolutely.  Will it go well with most of your foods?  Yes, abso-freaking-lutely!

    • $11.99
  • The Palo Alto Firefighters XXX Ghost Pepper Sauce is thick, bold, spicy, and flavorful gourmet taco styled sauce that is reminiscent of a fast food chain spicy taco sauce, but better!  Significantly better and hotter.

    • $8.99


    Take The Lil' Nitro: World's Hottest Gummy Bear challenge!

    Weighing in at an insane 9 million Scoville Heat Units, this candy may just be the hottest thing we've ever tried. This candy will test your strength, and your sanity.

    • $7.99
  • Deathmatch by Sauce Invaders
    • 33% off


    Habanero Hot Sauce

    Face off against this boss level hot sauce. The 8 out of 10 heat level means medium level players should be able to handle the heat with some sweat and pain. High level players will love this sauce for its replayability. The flavor is amazing! Deathmatch uses fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and just a hint of natural smoke.

    • $8.99